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A Smart Affordable Off-season

As coaches we have all sat up late trying to figure out how to advance a team.  Organizations that rely on the quantity of teams to carry their business face challenges managing access to their facility and have to figure out how to pay the rent and keep the lights on.  It is a difficult challenge and hard decisions have to be made.  Some of these decisions squeeze out some of the most important resources players need.  We have all seen the time of year when qualified programs and instructors give way to the constant rotation of teams coming in to practice.

Development rests squarely with the team staff at this point and that is a tough spot to be in as a Head Coach.

What if you could change that model?  What if you found a training facility that was 100% focused on the quality of the experience and spent all their time trying to figure out how to provide it at an affordable price?

That is what Front Range Baseball is trying to accomplish and it all starts with a reasonably priced Winter Training Program BASE PACKAGE that includes:

Two Team Practices per week from November thru March. 

·        One Weekday and One Weekend time slot.

·        Depending on age and time slot this can be from 70 to 110 hours of facility access for your entire team.

The BASE PACKAGE is straightforward. You bring your coaching staff and your team.  We provide the training facility and all of the equipment you need to be successful.

We intentionally price this package at a reasonable rate because our goal is to enable you to have a cost effective path to secure skill specific training for your players so that you can actually consider adding additional training elements to your program that will advance your ability to compete at the highest level.

Front Range Baseball offers the following bolt on programs

  • Cannon Arm Training – our resident pitching academy operating out of our facility and several other metro area locations.
  • Front Range Baseball Hitting Program
  • Front Range Baseball Catching Program
  • Front Range Baseball Fielding Program
  • Sports Performance Training

Most of these bolt on programs are offered in a small group format.  Players are focused on a specific skill and they receive more reps than they do in a generalized team practice.  They get exposed to different coaching and their ability to perform improves. 

We want to be your provider for skills development and we are confident that the quality of our programs will earn your business but here is another crazy concept. 

We don’t care where you get that training…we just want you to get it!
And we know our cost model enables that significantly!

Do you have players scattered all over the region? 

                                  We will share our resources and contacts with you and help you find the instruction you need.

Do you already have a skills development provider for a specific program element?

                                 Great…stick with that skills program and the coach providing it.  Baseball is better when there are good
                                 quality options and we don’t want to disrupt that.

If we don't offer it or we are not in the right geography...we still care enough to do what we can to make sure you get what you need.

Give us a call to schedule a tour of our facility and see if our brand of baseball is something that interests you.  

Scott Allen
Front Range Baseball

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